Looking for a Great Holiday Gift? Give your woodworker a One-On-One, Six-Hour Private Class in Maverick’s Shop!

You can reach out to him via email or phone to set up a private, one-on-one (or couples) carving class!

Power Carve with Master Carver Maverick Jaillet. Start with a humble log and sculpt it into a functional, one-of-a-kind work of art. Maverick will teach you shop safety, wood selection and power carving techniques, as well as sanding and food safe finishing. Be ready to make lots of sawdust as you create a beautiful piece you’ll be proud to show off.  All wood, power tools and personal safety gear (ear and eye protection, gloves, dust masks) are provided. Be sure to wear shoes that cover your toes.



PHONE 850.524.5505


What people are saying about wood carving classes with Maverick…

Maverick Jaillet received some pretty good recommendations as I was looking for a power tool carver to teach at Common Ground. 
He is a “tool king” and more. Maverick is a quick study of his students. In addition to being a great communicator about the function
 and safe use of tools, he has a fine eye for the function and beauty within a piece of wood. He is very capable of working with a student to achieve 
their woodworking dream. His students raved about how careful he was with each of them about taking the time to do it right in every stage of the process. He spent many hours beyond the classroom working with his energetic and enthusiastic class. They all proudly exhibited their pieces at The Student Art Show concluding the week resulting in many a conversation about how they accomplished this in just half a day for 5 days. Of course Maverick is returning for another year!

~Linda Van Hart, Metalsmith & Visual Art Coordinator at Common Ground on The Hill


Oh. Wow. I joined a wood carving class with Maverick Jaillet as the instructor and was thrilled with the entire 5 days of intense, funny, surprising, and extremely creative hours spent in the class. Some of us had carved before, some never, and all were treated with respect, expert guidance, safety, humor, and attention that was both encouraging and gratifying. We all began with lumps of wood, and through Maverick’s instruction, we learned the nuances of  grinders and small power tools which over the course of the week, allowed us to transform these lumps into stunning spoons and bowls. He explained the process to smooth and polish these bowls and spoons into highly professional looking finished pieces…every one of them! In the whole (filled) class, every bowl and every spoon was a work of art and beauty. I was impressed with the quality of the instruction, the safety during the entire week…we did have power tools and electricity, after all…and the power of the creative imagination to out maneuver any issue the wood (knots or cracks) presented to us. Every challenge simply presented a new imaginative solution. The class was loads of fun, new friends were made, and I look forward to another class with Maverick.

Wood before carving

Ruth’s project before carving.

Result of Maverick's wood carving class.

Ruth’s final result.

~Ruth Perkins

Alexis (my oldest daughter) and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience.  I wanted to do something special for Cierra (my youngest daughter) for her graduation from High School.  Since Cierra loves to cook, Alexis and I decided making wood spoons would be a fun activity for us and something Cierra could use and bring back memories when she did.  You were a lot of fun, helping us to remain safe while allowing us to pursue our individual creative sides.  Seeing the spoons come out of a block of wood was rewarding and finishing it off with the oil provided the final touch.  We will be back for more instruction.



I am new to woodworking and to develop and enhance my abilities, I conducted research for woodworking-related classes and discovered King Arthur’s Tools, specifically Camelot’s Woodworking Studio.  The studio offers a variety of woodworking classes, including wood carving.  Maverick Jaillet taught one of the first classes I attended at the studio, and because of his experience and his instructor techniques, as well as demonstration of his enjoyment of woodcarving, I am hooked on carving!  He is knowledgeable on all aspects of wood carving, from the selection of wood, to unique and inventive ways to use carving tools, to expertly finishing a piece of carved wood.  His enthusiasm and love for woodworking is evident in every aspect of his instruction.  I have since taken other classes, and thanks to Maverick’s teaching, I have greatly enhanced and refined my abilities.  From the beginner to the advanced, Maverick will teach you something new and exciting about wood carving.



I enjoyed the spoon carving class that I took recently and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in that type of thing.  Maverick is a very good teacher, explains things very clearly and is very informative about the equipment, the wood being used and every aspect of the class. I am anxiously looking forward to the bowl carving class.

~Jimmy Brogdon


I am writing this letter to recommend without reservation Maverick Jaillet as a teacher for wood carving.  I had the pleasure of attending two of Maverick’s classes, bowl carving and spoon carving and found Maverick to be extremely knowledgeable and very friendly.  Maverick took the time to work with each and every individual in the class.  Because of the class size, one-on-one instruction was on target. The key to these courses is Maverick himself.

Let me say for myself, as a person with intermediate woodworking skills, who has been notoriously hard to please and has very high expectations, that I was extremely pleased by Maverick and the courses.  Maverick shared step-by-step mentoring and made it thoroughly enjoyable and productive.  The atmosphere that is established by Maverick and the surroundings made it stress free.  Maverick always made himself available to answer any questions that you had and never made you feel like it was a stupid question.  If you were struggling with an issue or problem Maverick worked with you to guide you through it.

I am pleased to say, that Maverick’s wood carving courses are the best I have ever attended and I am planning on returning for his other courses.  If you want to attend a course whereby you lose yourself and completely relax, do not hesitate to attend Maverick’s classes.  It was great FUN!

~Terry Coleman

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